What Is Identity Theft?

What Is Identity Theft?

Updated: 08-31-2021

You've probably watched one of those Hollywood blockbuster movies where people find themselves on the run from authorities for committing a crime they know nothing about. Most of the time, it is usually a case of identity theft.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates about 9 million people in the US fall victim to identity theft every year. Practically, everyone whose information, such as bank details, social security number, and physical addresses is stored via technology, can be a victim of identity theft.

This article discusses identity theft in detail, answering the following questions:

  • What is identity theft?
  • How does identity theft happen?
  • How do you protect yourself from identity theft?
  • How to know if your identity has been stolen


What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft involves stealing another person's personal or financial information to commit crimes. Criminals can use a victim's information in two ways:

The first way involves using the victim's information to open new accounts under the victim's names. For example, the criminal can apply for credit cards under the victim's name and then pile up extravagant bills on the account. Consequently, the victim will be required to pay credit card companies for such debts.

The other method involves using a victim's information to access their accounts. After gaining access to their victim's financial accounts, they can easily conduct online shopping, among other activities, to drain money from the victim's accounts.

It is easy to fall victim to this type of crime because the criminal only needs your personal information, including your name, date of birth, social security number, and address. Interestingly, the criminal can be anyone; your neighbor, friend, family member, or stranger.

Most identity theft crimes involve tax, medical insurances, child identity, and senior citizen identity. In addition, imposters often steal people's identities to benefit from services such as medical insurance, child support, credits, among others.


Identity Theft By Numbers and Facts

Identity theft is a less popular form of cybercrime but usually has a significant impact on the lives of the victims. For example, children whose identities get stolen while young may never find out until they are older when they need government services such as student loans. Unfortunately, they may not qualify for such loans because of a bad credit history they had nothing to do with.

To further understand how serious identity theft is, here are some crucial statistics:

  • In the United States, there are 30 new victims of identity theft every minute.
  • Children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults.
  • 14.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft in 2019, coupling up with a 70% increase in scams due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • $400 million has been lost since March 2020 to identity theft fraud during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • 77.3% of identity theft victims develop emotional distress.

And the numbers continue to grow each day.


How An Imposter Can Access Your Personal Information

You will be surprised to learn how far identity imposters go to access your personal information. Here are some of the ways you may lose your identity to an imposter:

Dumpster Diving

That bill or receipt you've discarded in a dumpster bearing your personal information could fall into the hands of an imposter. Some of these criminals scan dumpsters for any valuable information, such as social security numbers, addresses, and names of potential victims. 



Most people and organizations lose information online through phishing scams. Such scams involve an internet user being lured into giving out their personal information or access to such information through various tactics, such as phishing emails and impersonations.


Change of Address

When a criminal successfully changes your address, they can register a new address under your name to divert your mail. They can also fill a change of address form and send it through the U.S Postal Service if they have your full name and address,. They would then receive all of your sensitive information to their new address.


Robbery and Mugging

Suppose you get mugged and lose your wallet containing your cards and such kind of information. In that case, you may have more than your injuries to worry about.

Lost cards containing personal information can also be valuable to an imposter. For example, imposters could use a driver's license containing your physical address to divert your mail to their preferred location.



Skimming involves capturing a person's credit card information using a card reader that is illegally installed on a device such as an ATM or a gas pump. As the person enters their PIN to access their accounts, the skimmer records the PIN and card number, which the fraudsters use to replicate a card. Therefore, the skimmer can withdraw money from a victim's account using counterfeit cards. 


Impacts Of Identity Theft

The common effects of identity theft may be so obvious: loss of money and a deteriorated credit report. However, victims experience heavier impacts than these two, which may take a long time to recover from. Examples include:

Emotional Turmoil

Research by the Identity Theft Resource Center found that at least 77% of the victims of this crime have higher stress levels and problems trusting people around them, including friends and family. Many victims become extremely sensitive and are often anxious while in public places.

Additionally, the huge debts resulting from identity theft can be traumatizing. Emotional trauma caused by identity theft may require therapy sessions, which can also be expensive.

Tax Debts

A fraudster may use your Social Security Number to apply for a job and fail to pay taxes, leaving you with huge tax bills. They can also file tax returns with your name and give false information to benefit from the returns, resulting in years of debts and bad credit reports.

Criminal Records

It is even more traumatizing being on the wrong side of the law for a crime you never committed. Identity theft fraudsters are often involved in other crimes such as robbery and traffic offenses. In the process, the criminals use your identity to cover up for such crimes. This could land you years behind bars and emotional torture trying to prove your innocence.

Unpredictable Future

Child identity theft may go unnoticed for years until when the child becomes an adult. If a child's Social Security Number is exposed to an imposter, the latter can use it to open credit accounts and take out large credits in their names. Many years later, the child, now an adult, will have to deal with the aftermath of the fraud. As a result, they may not be able to access more credit when they need it.

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Many companies in the world today rely on the internet for one thing or the other. Given that the internet stores user's personal data, it has become a hub for cybercrimes. Despite all that, technology experts have designed various systems to protect internet users from identity theft. Here are a few tips:

Invest In A Reliable VPN

VPNs mask your device’s IP address, making it impossible for hackers to identify you when connected to the internet. Your IP address is one of the things hackers look for when attempting to access your personal information, and that’s why a VPN uses a unique encryption method to mask the IP and replace it with their own. When that happens, cybercriminals won’t be able to find anything that leads to you; they’ll only see the IP address provided by the VPN service provider but not your actual IP.

Protect Your Personal Information

Phishing is one of the many ways people lose their information to online fraudsters. The method commonly comprises phishing emails sent by fraudsters posing as a legitimate company. However, fraudsters have advanced to creating malicious URLs to lure unsuspecting users into providing their personal information.

This explains why you need to be careful not to click on such links. Before providing your data to any website, check for the following:

URL: Generally, links that begin with "https" are more secure than those that begin with "http".

Name of the address: Check for suspicious twists and spelling such as use of "rn" in place of "m".

Domain name: Many companies do not use public domain names.

Use Strong Passwords Combinations

It is more difficult to crack a complex password than an easy one. Moreover, you can strengthen your password by initiating a two-step verification method before allowing a new device to access your accounts.

PRO TIP: Avoid predictable passwords, such as your names and date of birth.

Alternatively, you can use a password manager, a program that securely stores your passwords and other sensitive information that you can only access with one master password. On top of that, the program can create complex passwords for your accounts and initiate two-factor authentication, among several other security features.

Avoid public Wifi Connections

Public Wifi connections are easy targets for hackers. Be sure to use VPN to connect to sites while using public Wifi to keep your location and other personal information concealed.

Avoid Using Public Computers for Sensitive Information

Another big mistake that may expose your private information is filing your account details on a public computer. If this data is saved on the computer, any person may have access to it.

For this reason, always remember this when using public computers:

  • Do not save your passwords to their networks.
  • Log out of any accounts you might have logged into.
  • Delete any downloaded files that contain your personal information.

Here are some tips to protect yourself while offline:

Keep Your Documents Secure

Consider keeping your bills, receipts, and other similar documents safely to avoid loss or exposure to potential identity theft imposters. Remember, your information can also be stolen by a family member or a close friend with malicious intentions.

Always Keep Your Mailbox Locked

Keeping your mailbox locked protects your mail from being collected by strangers while you are away from home. Also, remember to empty your mailbox regularly to avoid the accumulation of mails, which could provide even further information about you if stolen.

Freeze Your Credit

This option is ideal for people whose identity has not been stolen yet but would like protection from such activities. Freezing your credit restricts access to your credit report such that nobody can open a credit account under your name without your knowledge. You can place this credit freeze to your account for as long as you like and lift it when you need to apply for new credit.

However, the credit freeze does not shield you from being a victim of identity theft; fraudsters can still access your accounts if they access your personal information.


How To Know If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Identity theft imposters always hope to swiftly go unnoticed by ensuring that you will not find out soon enough to stop them on their tracks. And, in most cases, victims never notice that their identity has been stolen until when it's too late. However, there are a couple of red flags that should be able to tip you off about possible criminal activity going on with your accounts. Here are a few:

  • You receive mails of invoices under your names for transactions you do not recognize.
  • You no longer receive email notifications for your account statements or bills.
  • You've been denied credit unexpectedly, citing a bad credit report.
  • You receive tax returns notification filed with your name, but you know nothing about it.
  • You receive messages for account authentication that you have not opened.
  • You receive successful delivery notifications to an unfamiliar address for orders that you allegedly made.
  • Your friends on social media ask you about messages from your account that you never sent.
  • You receive emails notifying you of unusual activities, such as signing in with a new device.

The biggest mistake many victims make is ignoring some warnings, such as email notifications. Most banks and other financial service providers will always ask for your email address to notify you of activities in your account, including bank statements. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to such emails because they will inform you of everything that goes on in your account.


What To Do When You Become A Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft has life-changing effects. Imposters can drain your financial accounts, accumulate debt, and commit crimes in your name. On that note, here's what to do if you ever suspect identity theft or if you are already a victim:


Block Access To Your Bank and Online Accounts

The most common identity theft often involves credit or debit cards. Suppose that is the case; you need to block access to your bank accounts and cancel your cards. Also, consider blocking access to your emails or any other online accounts linked to the credit or debit card.

Most people save their passwords automatically on their devices or synchronize multiple devices, such as phones and laptops, for easy access. As a result, losing any of the devices may mean that vital information may still be accessible if their passwords are easy to crack.

Change Your Passwords on Online Accounts

Changing your passwords on online accounts will stop imposters from accessing more accounts they may have hacked into with your personal information. This also includes email passwords to prevent fraudsters from accessing any changes you may have made to your accounts.

As a general rule, avoid using the same passwords for all of your accounts. This rule also applies to Personal Identification Numbers for your credit and debit cards, including other accounts that require PINs.

Report Fraud To Relevant Authorities

Inform your bank and law enforcement authorities immediately you suspect your identity has been stolen. Also, remember to provide all the evidence of the crime, if available.

Other important parties you may need to inform about the identity theft fraud include the IRS, utility companies, the DMV, and your medical insurance company if applicable.

Let the Credit Bureaus Know

Inform all relevant credit reporting agencies about the incident of fraud. They include Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. When you report identity theft to the credit bureaus, you can:

  • Access your credit report for reviewing.
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit report.
  • Have fraudulent accounts, balances, and late payments removed from your credit report.

How Fraud Alert Works

The Federal Trade Commission protects consumers against fraudulent and unfair trade practices. When you file an identity theft report, a fraud alert will be placed on your credit report, making it more difficult for anyone to open a credit account with your name without your knowledge.

Additionally, a creditor will also be required to verify your identity by contacting you before issuing any credits in your name.

The alert lasts for one year from the date placed on your credit report. However, you can have it renewed after expiry and continue to receive your credit report to review. Also, you can lift the alert anytime you want if you wish to apply for credit.

What To Do if a Collection Agency Contacts You Over Fraudulent Debt

Debt collection agencies dutifully contact their clients for unpaid debts and may do so for fraudulent debts belonging to victims of identity theft. Unfortunately, some victims only discover the truth after being contacted for unpaid debts they know nothing about.

Once you receive a letter from the collection agency over such debt, you will need to respond within 30 days. Ideally, you will be disputing the debt as not being yours, but in doing so, you should avoid providing your personal information. Instead, ask the debt collection agency to verify the debt.

Things may play out differently depending on how soon you knew about the incident. If you found out earlier and made all the necessary reports to authorities and the credit bureaus, your credit report will no longer have records of the fraudulent credit account and the debt. That means that the credit collection company must be informed about it, too; otherwise, they will not verify the debt.

If you've just found out about the debt and fraud, then you will need to act promptly. First, you need to report to relevant authorities then review your credit report. That way, you will have sufficient evidence to prove that you do not own the debt.

The Liabilities of Identity Theft Debts

Victims of fraudulent identity theft debts are not responsible for the debts if they report identity theft cases on time. However, some charges may apply in different situations concerning such crimes and how soon they are reported. The Fair Credit Billing Acts protects victims, ensuring that they incur no more than $50 in liability for the debt.

However, all that depends on how fast a victim reports these crimes. Here is how it goes:

  • If you report a lost credit card before being used, you will not incur any charges.
  • If you report a lost credit card within two days of learning about the fraud, you will incur charges of up to $50.
  • If you report a lost credit card between two days and 60 days of receiving your credit card statement, you will incur up to $500 in charges.
  • If you report more than 60 days after receiving your credit card statement, your charges will be unlimited.


Identity theft crimes are on the rise, especially with continuous technological inventions. But, on the other hand, fraudsters always devise new means of obtaining a victim's personal data and hiding their trails thereafter. That said, some of the best ways of protecting yourself from identity theft, especially online, is by using a Virtual Private Network to browse the internet.

By now, you probably know that a VPN masks your IP address when browsing the internet, making it difficult for malicious parties to hack into your online accounts.

In simpler terms, here's how a VPN works.

The device you use to access the internet has a unique identifying number, known as an IP address. This number identifies the device over a network. For instance, when you connect to the internet, the IP address becomes visible to your Internet Service Provider, including other third parties, such as the government and hackers.

Your IP address not only identifies your computer but also reveals additional details, such as your location, physical address, contact information, among others. This is the kind of information hackers need to access additional details about you, e.g., your banking info, passwords, and so forth. As a result, hackers find it easier to commit various crimes deriving from identity theft. If you value your privacy and security when browsing the internet, consider investing in a premium VPN. Most VPN providers offer multi-device options, meaning you can secure your computer, tablets, mobile phones, among other devices, simultaneously.

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