What Is Net Neutrality?

What Is Net Neutrality?

Updated: 09-01-2021

Net neutrality is the argument that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should treat all internet traffic equally regardless of where the traffic is coming from. Some people argue that net neutrality will stifle innovations and be a burden to ISPs.

On the other hand, some argue that without net neutrality, ISPs can control the content users see online, tamper with connection speed or prioritize traffic from corporations that pay them well. It's difficult to determine who is right or wrong concerning the concept of net neutrality.

For that reason, we'll look at the pros and cons of net neutrality before and let you decide.

Here's what we'll discuss:

  • What is net neutrality?
  • What is the history of net neutrality?
  • Net neutrality in the EU
  • Why is net neutrality important?
  • Who is against net neutrality?
  • Is there a connection between net neutrality and data privacy?
  • Pros and cons of net neutrality

What Is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a concept that aims at preventing ISPs from intentionally blocking, slowing down, or introducing charges for certain content online. The implementation of net neutrality means that ISPs will treat all internet communications fairly without discriminating against the website, platform, application, user, or device sending or receiving data over the internet.

But this does not mean that net neutrality removes the power ISPs have over their consumers.

Without net neutrality, ISPs have the power to prioritize certain types of content or potentially block specific traffic from reaching consumers. They can also introduce charges for various services or throttle the bandwidth of consumers paying lesser fees.

What Is the History of Net Neutrality?

The concept of treating internet data the same has been the source of much debate in the United States since the 1990s. The term "net neutrality" was first coined by Professor Tim Wu of the Columbia University media law in 2003 when he wrote a paper about online discrimination.

An important issue to the implementation of net neutrality is how the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) classifies ISPs. The Communications Act of 1934 classifies ISPs as 'information services' under Title I or 'common carrier services', Title II. This classification affects how the FCC can regulate ISPs.

For instance, classifying ISPs as information services gives the FCC little control over ISPs. On the other hand, classifying ISPs as common carrier services gives the FCC the upper hand over ISPs. The 1934 Communications Act is yet to be amended, and that's why the regulations set on ISPs fluctuate from time to time.

There have been at least five bills with net neutrality provisions tabled in Congress between 2005 and 2012. They all failed to pass; opposers of the bills argued that the provisions didn't really benefit the consumer. In 2015, under the Obama administration, the FCC issued an Open Internet Order that reclassified ISPs as common carrier services.

This reclassification of ISPs gave the FCC power to regulate ISPs and enforce net neutrality rules. The rules barred ISPs e.g., Verizon, Comcast, and AT & T, from deliberately throttling bandwidth from specific websites based on business preferences or demand.

Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing down of the internet speed by an ISP to regulate network traffic or minimize bandwidth congestion.

ISPs challenged the net neutrality rules at the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, but the court ended up upholding the FCC's new rules. The changes were short-lived, though.

The next administration, led by former President Donald Trump, unveiled a plan to repeal the net neutrality laws set by the Obama administration.

Ajit Pai, the new FCC chairman, appointed by President Trump, proposed to roll back the rules and the reclassification of ISPs as information services.

He published the draft of the proposed repeal in May 2017, and the FCC voted in favor of the proposed changes. Here are some of the changes Ajit Pai proposed:

  1. The new FCC rules dropped the Title II classification for broadband providers and removed all restrictions concerning blocking or throttling content imposed on ISPs.
  2. ISPs were only required to disclose information regarding their network management practices to the FCC.
  3. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was to protect consumers from net neutrality violations committed by ISPs. 

The repeal became effective in June 2018 and ended net neutrality regulations in the US despite efforts by the Senate to cancel the repeal.

In 2019, proponents of net neutrality, the District of Columbia, and attorney generals from 22 states sued the FCC's decision to repeal the Obama administration's net neutrality provisions and won.

This victory means that the FCC can't dispute net neutrality laws and regulations issued by individual states.

Washington became the first state to pass its own net neutrality laws in March 2018. Soon after, Oregon and California followed suit, but the federal government has legally challenged the implementation of the laws in court. In states like Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and Montana, executive orders prohibit state agencies from engaging in business with ISPs that don't conform to net neutrality principles.

Net Neutrality in the EU

The term 'net neutrality’ is mostly used in North America; in the European Union (EU), it is rather a component of 'open internet.' Open internet has almost the same meaning as net neutrality, given that it advocates for policies that promote equal treatment of data on the internet.

It is the exact opposite of the term 'closed internet', which refers to a situation where corporations or governments restrict or filter out certain content online.

EU rules prohibit ISPs from bandwidth throttling except where necessary. There are several situations where ISPs are allowed to block or slow down their users' internet traffic, as discussed below:

  • When complying with a court order.
  • When carrying out network integrity and security checks.
  • When managing exceptional network congestion.

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) is the regulating agency responsible for implementing net neutrality provisions in the EU. BEREC brings together National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) from different European countries and advises them on electronic communications matters.

The NRAs monitor market developments and can assess traffic management and commercial practices of ISPs. They also set the minimum quality of service requirements for ISPs and ensure they meet the set standards.

In 2016, the EU passed the Net Neutrality regulation. The regulation contains the following elements:

  1. Grants internet end-users the right to access information, use applications and services on the internet.
  2. Forbids ISPs from limiting end-users internet access rights using commercial practices or agreements.
  3. Instructs ISPs to treat internet traffic equally;no prioritization of internet traffic is allowed.
  4. ISPs can put in place traffic management measures that are transparent, non-discriminatory, and proportionate.

On 15 September 2020, Europe's highest court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), delivered a landmark ruling that backed EU's net neutrality regulations. The court ruled that Hungarian telecommunication company, Telenor, violated EU's network neutrality regulations by offering zero-tariff access packages. It was the first ruling on the subject of net neutrality delivered in a major European court.


Why Is Net Neutrality Important?

Title II classification, which gives FCC the power to implement net neutrality provisions, means that ISPs ought to treat the internet just like any other utility, e.g, gas, water, or phone service. For this reason, ISPs can't cut off the internet or slow down connection speeds at will based on how much a user, website, or platform paid for the service.

The principle of net neutrality is that all data transmitted over the internet e.g., emails, digital video files, torrents, etc, should be treated equally. Therefore, ISPs need to provide access to all applications, content, websites, and platforms at the same speed. This means that a user accessing a blog and another user accessing Netflix should be treated the same.

Below are the advantages of net neutrality:

  • Advocates for the idea that the internet is a public service that every individual has the right to use and should not be treated as a privilege by ISPs.
  • Prevents ISPs from monopolizing the internet.
  • Gives everyone a level playing field and eliminates the creation of elite internet users or users who receive special treatment because they offer more money than the rest of the population.
  • Promotes freedom of expression by preventing ISPs from censoring online content.
  • Guarantees that everyone can access all types of content online. Prevents social exclusion, a situation where only the rich can access high-quality content on the internet.
  • With net neutrality, small businesses can fairly compete with large businesses.


The Internet Without Net Neutrality Provisions

Without net neutrality, ISPs can control the information you view on the internet or block your access to certain websites or platforms. They can also control your upload and download speed depending on the amount of money you pay. ISPs can also develop new fees to restrict your access to websites you're currently visiting for free.

They can also redirect you from sites you want to access to other sites of their choice. Some ISPs may even block you from accessing websites that promote their competitors' products or services and censor the kind of information you can access on certain topics or news events.

Internet Fast Lanes

Internet restrictions set by ISPs not only apply to individual consumers but companies as well. For instance, ISPs could introduce internet fast lanes for companies that consume a lot of bandwidth and force them to pay extra to access these high-speed internet lanes.

Internet fast lanes divide the service offered by ISPs into two levels with different speeds. The two levels include the fast lane and the slow lane.

ISPs are free to charge companies in need of the fast lane for greater speeds. If a company fails to pay for the fast lane, consumers will need to wait a little longer for the company's website or application to load over the internet.

Alternatively, ISPs can make a large company's website practically impossible to use if it chooses to remain in the slow lane. This restriction will negatively impact consumers because they'll need to pay extra to access content from their favorite platforms.

ISPs can also introduce new plans that affect the way consumers access the internet. For instance, they may introduce a standard plan that gives consumers access to a slow lane and a premium plan that gives consumers access to the fast lane. The standard plan may limit users regarding the kind of websites or platforms they can access, while the premium plan may have no limitations.

For instance, let's say you want to stream content on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. If you've subscribed to the premium plan, you might have no issue watching content on those sites. Standard plan users may face difficulties streaming content from such places because of slowed connections.

Website Packages

Losing net neutrality gives ISPs the power to introduce website packages instead of one single internet bill. A website package means you need to pay to access certain websites on the internet. For instance, if you want to visit Twitter, you will need to purchase a package that gives you access to the platform.

In 2017, a major ISP in Portugal called MEO introduced a website package add-on to their general-purpose mobile subscriptions. The add-on required users to pay a monthly fee to access 'social' data or certain social media apps. Although MEO's add-on cannot be considered website packaging, it proves that the ISP is actively blocking or limiting certain apps unless consumers pay for them.


Favoring Specific Networks

The loss of net neutrality provisions gives ISPs the power to favor particular networks over others. Although no ISP in the US has introduced a 'fast lane' or a service that prioritizes certain traffic, there are instances where an ISP has favored certain networks over others.

For example, Comcast made a deal with Microsoft to allow Xbox 360 users to stream content using the Xfinity video app, their monthly bandwidth cap notwithstanding. This meant that Xbox 360 users could stream as much content as they wanted without using up their monthly bandwidth. Surprisingly, if they streamed content from other streaming apps, it counted against their monthly bandwidth cap.

This may not be bad, especially for Xbox users who use Xfinity to stream content, but critics cite such practice as unfair competition.

AT & T received the same backlash when it introduced a 'sponsored content' service that allowed companies to pay for data charges on behalf of consumers using its service. For example, streaming service X may approach AT & T and pay for the 'sponsored content' service.

If you visit streaming service X while using AT & T as your ISP, your data plan won't be impacted by the data you use while streaming because streaming service X already paid for the tons of data you use. This policy kills fair competition given that not all streaming services can afford to pay AT & T; therefore, users will be more inclined to use streaming service X.

Introduction of Data Caps

Data caps are limits set by an ISP to the amount of data you can use over a given period. ISPs can introduce a maximum allowed amount of data that you can use in a specified period for an agreed-upon fee such that when you exceed your limit, you will pay extra for additional data use.

This will limit users from sharing large files within peer-to-peer networks or sharing their bandwidth with other users.

Data caps often reduce users' access to online materials such as multimedia and streaming content, which negatively impacts content creators and advertisers.

Nowadays, ISPs impose data caps on consumers using fair usage policies, fair access policies, or band caps. The policies operate the same way as data caps and enforce data usage limits.

Imposing data caps is ISP's way of discouraging you from using excessive bandwidth. But it can also be a way of controlling the content you can access on the internet. For instance, if you use the internet to send and receive emails only, you may as well stay within your provider-imposed limits.

On the other hand, if you're a heavy user who loves torrenting, streaming 4K movies, and downloading large files, you can easily exceed the internet data caps set by your ISP. Some ISPs will just throttle your connection if you exceed the set bandwidth limit, but others may block you from accessing the internet or even charge you for the extra bandwidth.

The End-User Will Pay More To Access the Internet

Loss of net neutrality means that the ISP has the power to introduce fast lanes, data caps, and a highly regulated internet service. There will be no more unlimited streams unless a user pays a certain fee to access a premium internet package.

Unfair Business Competition

Small businesses stand to lose if there's an introduction of two levels of the internet; the fast and slow lane. They will be required to pay exorbitant fees to have their websites load faster in the fast lane. As a result, a small business that cannot afford such subscriptions might lose customers to a well-established business that can afford to pay for the fast lane.


Real-World Examples of Net Neutrality Violations

Various real-world violations of net neutrality prove that ISPs can't be trusted as the sole internet gatekeepers. In the absence of net neutrality provisions, such violations are becoming more and more common. Here are some of the instances where ISPs have abused their powers as custodians of the internet:

  1. In 2007, Comcast secretly blocked peer-to-peer technologies. Comcast users were unable to connect to services such as BitTorrent and Gnutella.
  2. From 2007-2009, AT & T blocked Apple users from accessing Skype and other VoIP services because it had exclusive rights to sell iPhones. Users could not access 'over-the-top' voice services unless they were within range of a Wi-Fi network.
  3. From 2011-2013, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon blocked Google Wallet because it was competing with their own mobile payment system called Isis Wallet.
  4. In 2012, Verizon Wireless blocked its users from using tethering applications on their devices. This was a direct violation of the net neutrality pledge Verizon made to the FCC.
  5. In 2012, AT & T disabled Facetime unless consumers subscribed to a premium plan.


Who Is Against Net Neutrality?

In US politics, there have been several congressional debates over net neutrality, and the majority of Republicans seem to be opponents of net neutrality while Democrats remain proponents of net neutrality. For democrats, enforcing net neutrality is among their signature tech policies that champion internet freedom. On the other hand, some Republicans are against the regulations set by Democrats and not entirely against net neutrality.

The major opponents of net neutrality are ISPs and telecom equipment manufacturers that feel like the regulations reduce their incentive to build internet infrastructure and raise operating costs.

Below are the disadvantages of net neutrality:

  • Users only pay for the service, e.g., streaming services such as Netflix, and not the data they consume while streaming content.
  • Net neutrality makes it difficult for ISPs to block offensive and illegal content on the internet. Removing net neutrality will make it much easier for ISPs to block and remove dangerous content online.
  • Net neutrality regulations require ISPs to submit compliance reports, which is costly.


Is There a Connection Between Net Neutrality and Data Privacy?

As of 2015, net neutrality provisions were removed in the United States. Proponents of net neutrality still fear that ISPs could take advantage of the situation and start discriminating against internet users by prioritizing certain types of traffic over others. Opponents of net neutrality argue that the concept places an unnecessary burden on ISPs and stalls innovation.

The bottom line, if you feel like everything on the internet should be equally available to all users, then you probably support net neutrality. On the other hand, if you believe that the government should not meddle with the internet and trust ISPs instead, you are against net neutrality.

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